Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most well-known forms of digital marketing. However, for companies that haven’t tried it yet, the first question is undoubtedly “why is PPC important?”

Before developing a PPC strategy or investing in a full-fledged ad campaign, it’s critical to understand why PPC is important for online business growth.

The main advantage of this marketing strategy is that it is widely regarded as one of the most successful forms of online advertising. It provides quick results and consistent returns, and it is also one of the most common types of advertising. Additionally, PPC visitors are much more likely to convert, helping businesses become more visible on search engines like Google and Bing.

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What is PPC?

For businesses that aren’t convinced of PPC’s success, you should first understand what PPC is before you can understand why you should use PPC advertising as part of your marketing efforts. PPC (or “pay-per-click”) is a digital advertising model that is used on a variety of internet platforms. Simply put, it refers to advertisements in which businesses pay for each click on their ads, which can range from a few cents to a few dollars.

The most common types include search ads as well as display ads  and social-media paid ads.The way PPC works in all of these styles will differ from platform to platform, but the core similarity is that all of these types of internet advertising have the same root function of paying for each ad click.

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It can give results immediately and consistently

Unlike search engine optimization, which focuses on “organic” traffic growth, PPC advertising can provide marketers with results almost immediately after their ads go live.

This is why PPC is important for businesses that want to generate revenue quickly or take advantage of a very short-term marketing window (such as for special events, product launches, holidays, seasonal sales, etc.). In fact, for broad advertising strategies, PPC is critical as a core component of a short and long term digital marketing strategy.

PPC contributes to your business goals and revenue

Another reason PPC is important is that it directly contributes to a company’s primary KPIs and can generate revenue in a direct (and measurable) manner.
Most PPC platforms include KPIs as campaign goals, allowing businesses to target specific goals:
This is a big reason why PPC advertising is so important for online businesses. Major ad platforms are built with the goal of assisting businesses in growing online through a variety of ad styles tailored to your specific goals.

Targeted, more controlled advertising,

Control over ad budget extends to other important ad metrics as well. Specifically, audience segmentation. One of the reasons why PPC is so important for many businesses is that few other advertising models allow for such specific control.
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PPC can improve SEO performance

Because there is a lot of overlap, search engine PPC and search engine optimization work well together. The significance of combining PPC and SEO is that businesses will be targeting the same keywords, on the same platforms, for the same audiences.

Measuring and tracking data to fine-tune ads

This field of advertising is extremely data-rich, providing marketers with extremely granular data and ad control. Because these changes can result in significant budget savings and even higher ROI, they are a major reason why PPC is so important in modern marketing. PPC allows businesses to:

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