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Meet Sangeeta Butani, a seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist and Lead Nurturing Specialist-a seasoned Marketing Expert, evolving alongside Digital Media Sapiens to redefine excellence in Digital Marketing 

At the heart of Digital Media Sapiens, Sangeeta stands as a testament. Her journey, marked by a deep-seated passion for digital marketing, has seen her evolve from a keen internet marketer to a visionary leader in the field. She believes that the Journey has just begun…

Sangeeta Butani’s strategic Marketing acumen has significantly elevated the ROI of businesses in UAE, KSA, UK and USA. The Marketing focused digital campaigns implemented that not only capture market share but also set new benchmarks for industry, impacting the overall growth of Businesses in UAE.

She and her team proficiency in crafting 19 paid tools with data-driven strategies to navigate the blueprints of your customer online with the advantage of AI driven tools to capture the evolving market dynamics.

Sangeeta Butani’s results-driven attitude from day 1 and on CLIENT FIRST approach, with a number focused approach to support at every campaign, communication to built the brand and create leads, sales and conversion to the broaden UAE’S economic landscape, aligning with the progressive growth seen in the businesses in UAE’s with their increased market share. And a vision to increase the GDP around the Globe with no recession.

Sangeeta also worked at NPI as an Advertising Sales Manager, where they achieved significant growth for the organization through new business development and improving client relationships. Sangeeta has experience in market research and forecasting as an Accounts Group Manager at Al Nisr Publishing, Gulf News. Additionally, they worked as a Media Account Executive at The Edge Media. Overall, Sangeeta has a strong background in strategic marketing, business development, and account management.

My Three e's


Hire the right people, give them the tools to succeed, set clear expectations and goals, then get out of their way.


Keep your team engaged each day by making sure their voice gets heard, their work matters, and by giving access to training and growth opportunities.


We are all human, and work shouldn’t be something we hate. Have fun, take risks, kick some butt, and above all respect work-life-balance.

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13 Deadly Mistakes BUSINESS Make While Hiring A Digital Agency


A well-planned Digital marketing strategy can work wonders for your business irrespective of the industry you are in, provided it is put together in a a seamless and cohesive manner. 

Sangeeta Butani

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Professional Background

At the event of YouTube new innovations and future of Ai

Unleashing Digital Success: 20 Lessons from a Decade in Marketing by Sangeeta Butani

A well-planned Digital marketing strategy can work wonders for your business irrespective of the industry you are in, provided it is put together in a a seamless and cohesive manner. Navigating generative AI for exponential efficiency.

Trust me, I will talk about my experience…..

Hello, my name is Sangeeta Butani. I am a Digital Marketing Strategist and lead nurturing specialist.

My tryst with Digital Marketing began early-on in my career as an internet Marketer, 13 years back. Ever since then, it has never failed to impress me in terms of establishing lasting relationships with my clients but also in terms of generating leads for my business.

I live and breathe Marketing Strategies daily, and it continues to top my list of marketing channels that deliver measurable results consistently.

The journey so far has been brilliant!

You must be wondering why I am sharing this free e-book when I could have charged a premium for sharing the information. After all, if you implement the suggestions contained within this e-book, you can make a real killing and grow your business in leaps and bounds.

Besides, as we often learn in the business parlance, “there is no free lunch”.

So why this free e-book?

One, being in love with Digital marketing, it breaks my heart to see how people abuse it. So I want to put the maximum people on the right path. 

Two, I am unable to coach everyone personally due to time constraints, so this ebook is my gift to all Hospital owners and Clinic Start-ups that shares 20 valuable lessons that I have learnt during my journey as a creative email marketer.

I hope these lessons will steer you to the path of success with Digital Marketing.

So without further ado, let’s explore 20 lessons I learnt about Digital Marketing…..

Remember, the future of your business in the hands of those willing to innovate and adapt. Are you ready to lead the charge? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Your friendly Digital Marketing Expert.

Sangeeta Butani

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