Digital marketers now heavily rely on intelligence (AI) in their day, to day operations. AI has revolutionized how they analyze data, optimize campaigns and engage with their target audiences. With a range of AI solutions, at their disposal marketers can leverage cutting edge tools to create personalized experiences and make decisions based on data. In this article we will explore some of the AI technologies that digital marketers should consider incorporating into their marketing toolkit.

1. Google AI Platform

The Google AI Platform is a suite of AI tools provided by Google Cloud. It offers services including deploying, storing and training AI models.  The AI Platform may be used by digital marketers to create and implement machine learning models for applications such as consumer segmentation, recommendation engines, and predictive analytics. The platform is a strong pick for marketers wishing to use AI in their campaigns due to its scalability and connectivity with other Google services.

 2. Chatfuel

With the help of Chatfuel, digital marketers may build and use chatbots on well-liked messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger. Marketers can automate customer service using Chatfuel, interact with users in real-time, and give tailored information and suggestions. The platform is available to marketers without substantial technical skills because to its user-friendly interface and pre-built templates.

 3. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a powerful AI platform that provides businesses, especially digital marketers, with a variety of tools and services. Its AI capabilities include image identification, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and more. The usage of Watson by marketers helps them better understand consumer sentiment and preferences by providing insights from unstructured data such as social media posts and customer reviews.

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 4. Optimove

The AI-powered customer relationship management (CRM) platform Optimove was created with marketers in mind. It aids marketers in segmenting their clientele, automating customised marketing campaigns, and focusing their marketing efforts according to the tastes and behaviors of their target market. With the help of Optimove’s AI algorithms, marketers can distribute highly relevant and targeted messages over a variety of channels, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

 5. Albert

In order to automate and improve digital marketing efforts, Albert, an AI marketing platform, uses machine learning algorithms. The real-time handling of activities like ad targeting, performance analysis, and keyword optimization frees marketers from manual data analysis and allows them to concentrate on strategy and originality. Albert is a useful tool for maximizing marketing ROI since it can continuously learn from campaign data.

 6. Phrasee

An AI-powered copywriting tool called Phrasee focuses on creating persuasive and interesting marketing copy. It employs machine learning and natural language processing to produce subject lines, ad copy, and social media posts that appeal to the target market. Marketers may increase open rates, click-through rates, and overall conversion rates by implementing Phrasee into their campaigns.

 7. Adext AI

Adext AI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform for ad optimization that uses machine learning to enhance digital advertising campaigns on a variety of platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. The platform automatically distributes budget to the top-performing audience segments and ads, ensuring that advertisers get the most return on their advertising investments.

8. Conversica

Conversica is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to engage and qualify leads through natural, two-way conversations. The virtual assistant can follow up with leads, answer their questions, and schedule appointments, allowing marketers to focus on high-priority tasks while ensuring no leads slip through the cracks.

9. Alberto

Alberto is an AI tool that specializes in social media marketing. It uses machine learning to analyze social media data, identify trending topics, and suggest the most effective times to post content. With Alberto’s assistance, marketers can optimize their social media strategy to reach a broader audience and increase engagement.

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Digital marketers can now make data-driven decisions, automate tedious operations, and provide individualized experiences to their customers thanks to AI, which has completely changed the face of digital marketing. The top artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for digital marketers, such Google AI Platform, Chatfuel, IBM Watson, and Optimove, provide cutting-edge features for campaign optimization, consumer data analysis, and enhancing overall marketing performance. Marketers can remain ahead of the competition and improve results for their companies in the dynamic world of digital marketing by embracing these AI solutions.

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