With over 150 million active monthly users, Pinterest is quite the popular platform with a predominant female audience, totaling over 81% and 50 million.

Today it has become one of the fastest growing networks, starting from a virtual bulletin board to a highly successful and popular social media platform in only a couple of years, changing the perception that it was used for bored people, housewives and wedding planners.

People will go on a content search and will find information that fits their content discovery since they can search, just like on Google, expect it is all listed in picture format. Pinterest marketing is all about sharing content through ideas, images, inspirational posts etc, which connect with people because it fits their interests.

The key is to have your content reach the right people so you can be successful at Pinterest through these 8 steps.

7 Essential Tips to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing in 2024

Pinterest is a great social media marketing channel, so create an account and remember to add/install a “Pin It” button on your website. Then start by creating a board and link the pins back to your website. For more visibility regardless of whether your Pinterest account is for private or business use, it is preferable that you link it to your Facebook, creating good synergy when all your social media accounts are in sync with each other.

1. Have clean and organized boards

Your followers will easily find what they’re looking for if your boards aren’t scattered and unorganized and will drive traffic to your website. If your boards have different themes in the same board it will confuse people and they might unfollow your board, or not choose to follow you at all.

2. Don’t leave boards inactive

Inactive boards will not show up on Pinterest’s search engine and should therefore be deleted. A better way to handle the board if you don’t want to delete it is to make the boards “secret” so you can organize it, or adjust the content on the board rather than delete.

3. Images should be created for Pinterest.

The size of the image should be adjusted to fit Pinterest. Especially considering that research has found that consistency of the posts in terms of colors, look, feel and font resulted in a higher click through rate than other images that were totally different with no uniformity. It is preferable that a template be used to make the most out of Pinterest.

4. Captions should be engaging

The level of engagement on a pin will determine how successful or unsuccessful a pin is so having visual appeal is key in addition to the caption of the pin which in turn will entice people to “pin” it. One the pin is shared, the web address attached to the pin will appear under the pic, indicating the price tag of the pic.

5. Remember to use keywords

The search function on Pinterest is used very heavily, for finding pins related to recipes, style and decorating and even event planning, therefore using relevant keywords in captions is very important since it drives traffic to your website.

6. Make sure your text is SEO friendly

People who pin your pins need to read an SEO friendly description of the pin so it can be picked up in the Pinterest search engine and so the content will be shown to the people searching. Alt tags on images that are named “Image 333” should not be left and should be named because the people who in your pins will not change the names and this makes your pins unsearchable. The same should be applied or the names of your boards, simple and specific names to give an instant idea of the content of the boards since they should be SEO friendly too.

7. Make your content shareable

The concept behind Pinterest marketing is to save share, or do both, it is one of the new platforms where you can save. Therefore, it is best to add a plug on your website and list all your social media accounts.

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