Social media has been thriving, so much so that every brand depends on it, critics vouch for it and marketers swear by it. What started as a platform for sharing images and personal updates, today has evolved to be an essential tool for marketing and sales. From the early days of counting likes and comments, the platforms have come a long way to evaluating engagement, interactions and much more. Today, brands depend on social media platforms not just for brand building but it’s also as an important tool for revenue generation. As basic as it might sound to any layman, Social media marketing in Dubai has developed and progressed into a tool of engagement and strategy. Brands and agencies benefit from these tools which further help in deconstructing the analytics, monitoring the pages and more.

Here, we have put together some of the best tools which help you manage your platforms, analyze your campaigns and their effectiveness and work towards building your brand’s online presence.

List of Social Media Marketing Tools

  1. Sprout Social

The platform offers a one-stop solution for social media management. With a user-friendly interface, the software covers a wide range of insightful tools ranging from publishing to reporting. Sprout Social is an ideal tool for any Social media marketing company that’s managing multiple campaigns for several brands. While excelling in the basics, the tool helps managers to improve their engagement, track critical data including reply time, the total count of replies received and the highlight being that it helps in managing multiple profiles across platforms. Several social media agencies in Dubai deliver engaging content across platforms and effectively interpret the traction through tools such as Sprout Social.

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite has been one of the most popular tools used by any social media marketing agency in Dubai. The tool helps you manage content for other accounts from one single dashboard. It also assists in assigning tasks to other team members, posting on different social media platforms from one tool and scheduling updates in advance. It also helps to understand the impact of your brand’s content through its detailed analytics.

  1. Buffer

This tool focuses on two main elements that are publishing and analyzing. It allows you to plan your posts and schedule them across social media platforms from one dashboard. Buffer Analyze helps brands evaluate the sentiment through its analysis tool and export reports for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, the chrome extension makes it easier to post content from different sites.

  1. Canva

The tool is a delight for any marketing professional. With its pre-set templates, stock images, social media graphics, posters, the tool allows you to create your designs. The web-based tool offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to create campaigns with ease. That’s not all, the platform allows you to maintain your brand’s visual identity, giving you access to upload fonts, colors, logos etc.

  1. Bitly

Bitly is the most convenient link management platform that enables users to shorten lengthy links. But that’s not all, the web-based tool also assists in tracking clicks, calculate clicks basis geographical locations and check site referrals. The platform proves to be effective especially when one has to measure campaign performance in terms of the number of clicks generated.

  1. Mention

Social media is about engaging with your consumers however it’s important to actively listen as well. And that is where Mention plays an important role. It enables brands and agencies to track billion of websites to measure the share of voice for your business and competition. The dashboard offers in-depth insights and reports which assist in brand building, lead generation and use important conversations to the brands own advantage.

  1. Animoto

Every social media platform is overflowing with video content. It’s the easiest means for any social media agency in Dubai to get good engagement and visibility for a particular brand or product. Animoto is a very useful tool for any marketer who wants to create online videos. The online video maker tool makes it easy for users to simply drag and drop content, overlay it with a good selection of in-built music, fonts and you have your video ready.

Every aspect of social media marketing is supported by a tool or an application offering additional insights and inputs to help evaluate your online presence better. Though social media has an array of platforms where one has the opportunity to build the brand further, it also increases the scope of converting your efforts to a certain ROI.

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