They clicked on your ad, and now they’re on your landing page.

Your online target audience’s first interaction or first impression with your brand is your landing page after being directed from your search and display ads (GDN) or through Social Media advertising. If your landing page is properly optimized, it will enhance the user experience which will also contribute to an increase in conversions as well.

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Ways to Make Sure your Landing Pages Convert

It generate leads and have the desired action you are after, maybe filling an inquiry form etc.:

Identify your goal:

What would you like users to do when they reach your landing page? Fill out a form? Buy something? Download something, or sign up for something? Define the goal before.

Write a KILLER headline:

It should immediately grab the visitor’s attention and be short, not exceeding 20 words.

Followed by a persuasive sub-headline:

The sub headline should include a little more explanation of the headline to keep visitors on your page and urge them to take action.

Clear call to action:

Include in the headline and within the body text, such as “Sign up now for this great offer!” without allowing the user to ask further questions. The headline should tell them what you want them to do: “Change your life today!”

Should include pictures:

Pictures should be large and relevant and immediately grab the attention of the visitor.

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Landing Pages Optimization

the design should be simple with all the necessary information immediately available to make conversions easier.

Page load time:

The time your page takes to load should be very low because most people use mobiles these days and any slow pages will be closed and considered an inconvenience. Page speed is very important.

Form length:

Pages with one field forms have a higher conversion rate than those with multi field forms, so the information you are looking to collect should be adjusted.

Short and sweet:

All the right info should be there without being over cluttered to drive away visitors.

Have quality content:

Your content should be informative, rich and useful to make it relevant to the visitor.

No exit points:

Limit exit points on the landing page, example links to other pages so users spend the right amount of time on your page and take the desired action rather than be directed elsewhere.

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Eye catching headlines:

To catch immediate attention followed by a sub heading that provides more info on why they should take action.
Use videos: Only when appropriate. You don’t want to overwhelm the user.

It is not about you:

Make the landing page about the visitor so talk less about yourself and more on what you can do for them and how you can improve their life.

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Tempting offer:

Offer something that is amazing and enticing enough for people to take the desired action ASAP, a 5% discount on something that isn’t expensive is not enticing as much as “ONLY today 50% off!”


The landing page should be attractive with the quality of images used and a classy layout. The last thing you want is a landing page that looks cheap.

Only ask for the information you need:

If you include many fields that you ask visitors to fill it can hurt your conversion rates. Asking for more information such as phone number and date of birth can increase your drop off rate by 50%, so anything above 7 fields is a big NO.

Share buttons:

to increase word of mouth have share and like buttons so visitors can talk about a happy purchase that they had. Only include the buttons when necessary, example in sharing a great offer across Social Media platforms.

Landing Page should be mobile friendly:

A mobile friendly site can double your conversions, and a site that is not mobile friendly will have a very high drop off rate and affect your conversions.

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Have gone through several A/B testing rounds:

Keep A/B testing and correcting the landing page because A/B testing is a very powerful tool of an excellent landing page.

Include social proof:

Include relevant statistics, testimonials, press mentions and customers to provide credibility and evidence and increase trust.


By implementing these above powerful strategies, you can optimize your website for conversions and outrank your competitors. Craft a compelling value proposition, optimize your website navigation, and engage visitors with compelling visuals. Leverage social media, optimize landing pages, harness user-generated content, and implement retargeting campaigns. Continuously monitor and analyze your website’s performance, making data-driven adjustments to further improve conversion rates. By focusing on these strategies, you will create a user-centric experience that drives conversions and propels your business towards success.

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