Media Planning and Buying is what will maximize your advertisement’s potential to the right target audience on the right communication channels whether online or offline.

Make Your Mark in Media Space with Our Digital Media Planning Agency in Dubai

Digital Media Sapiens will recommend, plan and acquire advertising space on your behalf inclusive of digital space, print, TV and radio. Our media planning agency will create an infallible strategy of choosing the right mix of platforms where you can place your ads and therefore, achieve your brand’s objectives.

Our service encompasses both RTB (Real-Time Bidding and Programmatic Buying) so that there’s no leaf unturned when it comes to reaching your potential customer base. Our offline media buying and planning includes researching the right mediums to reach the correct audience for a more comprehensive and effective campaign.

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Steps We Follow at Our Digital Media Buying Agency, Dubai

At DMS, we understand the basics that a digital media buying agency needs to take into consideration. That said, here are the steps that we follow:

1. Media Planning

Research (Audience) – Audience research is not just the backbone of search engine marketing, but media planning as well. We keep a hawk’s eye over your target audience, their behaviour, demographic and understand which platform(s) will help you gain traction for the ad campaigns.

Figure Out the Market Place – Surely, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket and this is where media planning agency enters the scene and help you figure out what percentage of the campaign will be allotted to which type of buys.

Media plans – That fit your budget and will help you achieve your brand objectives on the right platforms.

Once we have done the planning part, the next step consists of digital media buying.

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2. Media Buying

Networking – Our digital media planning agency establishes and maintains relationships with the leading channel owners. Being industry veterans, we know the who’s who in media.

Negotiation – We have hands-on experience in negotiating fair prices to get the best slots with a team that has over 10 years of experience in the Middle East Market.

Creating and Sending RFPs (Request for Proposals) – Our digital media buying agency sends the RFPs on your behalf to the suppliers you are interested in. Even when you’ve purchased the inventory previously, we’ll assist you in getting premium ones without RFP and at your established rates.

These were some of the key steps we follow in digital media buying that leads to enhanced results for your organization.

Why Choose Our Marketing Agency for Media Buying and Planning?

Our digital media planning agency offers you distinguished services that help you decide when and where exactly your ad needs to appear. Keeping your budget in the forefront, we figure out all the probable options and help you target the best of them. We approach the channels for your ads only when we’re 100% sure that it will generate revenues for your business.

All in all, let our experts do everything from scratch while you sit back and watch your business take over the media from mainstream to offbeat.

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