Sangeeta Butani

Hello, I’m Sangeeta. I’m a director of Digital Media Sapiens, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have 13 years of Dubai advertising and media experience. Having worked in Gulf News, Dubai Mall Magazine and Concierge Magazine. I bring a vast knowledge of the Dubai market with a passion for online marketing and sales. My specialties include launching and re-launching new products for the Company and encouraging new campaign participation in online marketing delivering best ROI.

I Turn My Experiance into a Story.

Sangeeta Butani’s strategic Marketing acumen has significantly elevated the ROI of businesses in UAE, KSA, UK and USA. The Marketing focused digital campaigns implemented that not only capture market share but also set new benchmarks for industry, impacting the overall growth of Businesses in UAE.

She and her team proficiency in crafting 19 paid tools with data-driven strategies to navigate the blueprints of your customer online with the advantage of AI driven tools to capture the evolving market dynamics.

Sangeeta Butani’s results-driven attitude from day 1 and on CLIENT FIRST approach, with a number focused approach to support at every campaign, communication to built the brand and create leads, sales and conversion to the broaden UAE’S economic landscape, aligning with the progressive growth seen in the businesses in UAE’s with their increased market share. And a vision to increase the GDP around the Globe with no recession.

Sangeeta also worked at NPI as an Advertising Sales Manager, where they achieved significant growth for the organization through new business development and improving client relationships. Sangeeta has experience in market research and forecasting as an Accounts Group Manager at Al Nisr Publishing, Gulf News. Additionally, they worked as a Media Account Executive at The Edge Media. Overall, Sangeeta has a strong background in strategic marketing, business development, and account management.


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